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Can the COVID-19 vaccine affect menstruation?

A study found that women who were vaccinated against COVID-19 experienced a slight, temporary increase in the number of days between menstrual periods after getting the shot. Experts say the variation is not harmful and does not affect fertility.

Bracing for incontinence

Among US women ages 60 or older, the prevalence of urge incontinence (a sudden, unprovoked need to urinate) and stress incontinence (leaking urine with physical activity or pressure on the bladder) appeared to increase between 2005 and 2018. Treatments for urge incontinence include lifestyle modifications (such as avoiding caffeinated drinks or scheduling bathroom breaks), pelvic floor exercises, medications, and Botox injections. Treatments for stress incontinence include pelvic floor exercises, weight loss, vaginal pessaries, bulking agent injections, and bladder sling surgery.

Paths to parenting: Choosing single parenthood through pregnancy

Choosing to become pregnant and parent without a partner is increasingly common and more widely accepted than in the past, but deciding to pursue this path can be lonely. Additionally, there are important questions about financial security and the support of family and friends that a prospective single parent needs to consider.

Can breastfeeding really prevent pregnancy?

New parents might want to wait awhile before considering having another child, and breastfeeding prevents ovulation, so some people use it as a natural birth control method during the early months of an infant's life. However, it's effective only if a mother is breastfeeding frequently and an infant is receiving only breast milk as food.

How can I reduce lasting menopausal symptoms?

Menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats can last for years after menstrual periods stop. Strategies such as wearing layered clothing that can be removed easily, keeping a small fan nearby, and sleeping in a cool room can help manage symptoms.

Paths to parenthood: Receiving an embryo donation

Paths to parenthood vary and people thinking about a pregnancy achieved with donated embryos or with donated eggs or sperm might also be considering adoption. Here are some key questions and issues to consider when thinking about these decisions.

Regular solo dining may be linked to a higher risk of heart disease

A study found that women who regularly dine alone may be at elevated risk for heart disease, possibly because they were found to have less nutritional knowledge and ate less nutritious meals.

FDA wants women to understand the risks and benefits related to breast implants

The FDA recently moved to help make certain that women considering breast implants have a clear picture of what implants involve before moving ahead with surgery. The agency announced a series of changes in October 2021. These include new labeling requirements for breast implant manufacturers, a requirement that facilities provide patients with a checklist outlining potential risks and benefits related to breast implants, and updated screening recommendations to detect leaks in silicone breast implants.

Are bioidentical hormones superior to hormone medications?

Bioidentical hormone preparations aren't superior to FDA-approved hormone medications and may bring additional risks.

Laser therapy for vaginal symptoms comes up short

A 2021 study found that vaginal laser treatments may not be effective at improving vaginal symptoms in postmenopausal women.

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