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Women's heart attacks more strongly connected to different risk factors than men's

A 2022 study found that women under 55 experiencing heart attacks have different leading risk factors than men in this age group. For women, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, and low household income are strong risk factors for heart attack.

Can self-employment promote better cardiovascular health for women?

Being self-employed can offer advantages like flexibility and autonomy in a person's work life. Now, data from a long-term health study suggests that self-employment may provide another benefit for some women: improved health outcomes.

Women who undergo earlier screening less likely to develop colorectal cancer

A 2022 study found that women who begin colorectal cancer screening at age 45 with colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy are far less likely to develop the disease than women who don't undergo any screening or who start screening at age 50.

Beyond hot flashes

Around menopause, a decline in estrogen can trigger low-grade inflammation that leads to unexpected symptoms from head to toe. Symptoms can affect the digestive tract, skin, joints, eyes, ears, and heart, among other areas. A 2022 study found that estrogen loss can even fuel the jaw pain known as temporomandibular disorder. A year or longer can pass before many women connect symptoms with menopause. Women can take lifestyle measures to lower inflammation, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods, and exercising.

"Forever" chemicals linked to high blood pressure in women

High blood levels of synthetic chemicals known as PFAS (some of which are found in much of the nation's drinking water) have been linked to a greater risk of high blood pressure in middle-aged women.

Should I use vaginal probiotics?

Vaginal probiotics contain live microorganisms and come in oral and suppository forms. Some ads claim these products can prevent or treat infections. But the vagina regulates its own bacterial mix, so vaginal probiotics aren't necessary.

What symptoms should I report to my gynecologist?

Women with unusual pelvic or vaginal symptoms should report them to their gynecologist. These symptoms include vaginal odor, itching, or burning; menstrual changes; pelvic pain or discomfort; or new bleeding.

Have lupus? What to know about birth control

An estimated 7% of Americans have an autoimmune disorder, and these tend to disproportionately affect women. Expert guidelines can help with questions about the best birth control options for people with lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

Mediterranean diet may help ward off a dangerous pregnancy complication

A 2022 study found that pregnant women who ate a diet rich in foods typical of a Mediterranean-style eating plan were significantly less likely to develop the potentially serious pregnancy complication pre-eclampsia.

Women more likely than men to show atypical stroke symptoms

A 2022 study found that women are more likely than men to have "generalized" stroke symptoms such as weakness and confusion, in addition to classic signs such as speech or movement problems.

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