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Toothbrushing can be a literal lifesaver in the hospital

A 2023 study found that patients in intensive care units (ICUs) were less likely to die and spent less time on a ventilator during their stay when their teeth were brushed twice daily. Toothbrushing appears to protect patients from pneumonia, the most common ICU-acquired infection.

Try this: Give your hands a hand

Performing hand exercises using therapy putty can help a person improve grip and pinch strength.

The right shoe for walking and running

Walking and running share similar movements, but how the foot is supported differs, which is why most walking and running shoes are designed differently. When walking, the heels hit the ground first before the foot rolls forward to begin the next step. Because of this rolling motion, walking shoes are designed to have soft, flexible soles, which help a person push off with each step, and an angled heel to absorb most of the shock and reduce pressure on the ankles. In comparison, runner's feet strike anywhere from the heel to the midfoot or forefoot. Therefore, running shoes are designed to have thicker soles that act as shock absorbers.

One more reason to brush your teeth?

New research suggests that people who are hospitalized in an intensive care unit are far less likely to develop pneumonia if their teeth are brushed twice daily. They also need ventilators for less time, are able to leave the ICU more quickly, and are less likely to die in the ICU.

Does drinking water before meals really help you lose weight?

If you've ever tried to lose weight, you've probably heard the advice to drink water before a meal because it makes you feel fuller and you'll stop eating sooner. It seems like a reasonable idea — but does it work? And if it doesn't, why do people think it does?

Still confused after Flovent discontinuation? What to know and do

Until recently, many people with asthma used a medicine called Flovent. It has been discontinued by its manufacturer, leaving users with questions about what to substitute and which medicines their insurance will cover.

Trouble getting your medications? Here's how to cope with pharmacy challenges

Pharmacies across the United States are struggling with budget cuts and staffing shortages. As a result, customers are sometimes experiencing delays in getting their prescriptions filled. Until pharmacies resolve their challenges, customers might need to work a little harder to get their medications promptly. One strategy that can help is ordering prescription refills early. If customers continue to have frequent delays at their pharmacies, they might consider switching their prescriptions to another store.

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