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Noise exposure may raise risks of cardiovascular problems

A 2023 study suggests that long-term exposure to transportation noise from cars, trucks, trains, and planes is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

What are the most popular video-based medical visits?

A 2024 study of 277 million patient visits within the Veterans Affairs Health Care System found that video-based telemedicine visits remain close to the peak pandemic level of about 12%, which is a steep increase from the pre-pandemic level.

Potency of these Alzheimer's pills might not match the label

A 2024 study found that dietary supplements of galantamine—which is used to treat Alzheimer's symptoms—had an inaccurate amount of the plant extract listed on the label, ranging from less than 2% to 110% of the labeled quantity.

6 things to do when heading for the hospital

It's important to take certain steps before a hospital stay, if planning is possible. Examples include packing printed copies of one's living will and health care proxy form; alerting one's health care proxy about details of the stay, including what should or shouldn't be done if the proxy needs to make decisions; packing additional clothing in case the stay lasts longer than expected; arranging to have a friend present for hospital discharge instructions; and arranging for a ride home.

Trending now: Home sleep tests

Home sleep tests are often the preferred approach to detect obstructive sleep apnea. They use less equipment and cost less than studies done in sleep labs. Because people get to conduct the test in their own beds, they are more comfortable than they would be in a sleep lab, and the test is more likely to capture a person's natural sleep habits. But the tests aren't always accurate. And someone with a serious chronic condition, such as heart failure or a breathing disorder, might need additional data from an in-lab study.

Protect yourself from falls outside the home

Many strategies can help people avoid falls in public places. For example, people can wear shoes with nonslip treads in stores and office buildings, use a rollator for stability in crowded areas such as airports or shopping malls, hold handrails on public staircases (or avoid them), avoid parking too close to vehicles in parking lots, or use the handicap stall in public bathrooms. Another important strategy is regularly strengthening leg and core muscles and practicing balance exercises (such as standing on one leg).

Smartphone-based mall walking program may boost step counts

A 2024 study found that a smartphone-based mall walking program may motivate people—especially women and older adults—to walk more.

What? Another medical form to fill out?

It can be frustrating to be asked to fill out medical forms yet again for a health care visit. But even if you have an electronic medical record, a practice might need you to provide or update information, and it's helpful to know what is most important or likely to be requested.

How do trees and green spaces enhance our health?

Trees enhance our lives by releasing oxygen, reducing pollution, and preventing flooding. Beyond all of these benefits, there is growing evidence that just being around trees and green spaces improves mood and overall health.

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