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Have you exfoliated lately?

Exfoliation — the process of removing dead cells from the skin's outer layer — can make skin glow, help even out coloring, and offer other benefits, but it can also irritate or inflame. Which products should you choose and how often can you exfoliate?

A bird flu primer: What to know and do

A bird flu strain that began circulating in 2020 continues to evolve globally and locally within the United States. If you're wondering what this means, understanding the basics — what bird flu is, how it spreads, whether foods are safe, and prevention tips — can help.

Sleeping apart: Good for your sex life?

A survey found that one-third of couples reported occasionally or regularly sleeping in separate rooms to accommodate a bed partner. The main motivation behind separate sleeping is to ensure both people get a good night's rest, as sleep can get disrupted by a partner's snoring, teeth grinding, thrashing, sleep schedule, and different sleeping environments. Couples should work together to ensure sleeping apart does not interfere with intimacy, such as scheduling snuggle time, taking naps together, and planning times for sexual activity.

10 habits for good health

The foundation of a healthy lifestyle consists of lasting habits like eating right, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, managing mental health, and getting routine medical and wellness exams. Even making daily, small steps toward these goals can have a significant impact. Everyday strategies include doing morning stretching, taking regular naps, breathing exercises to manage stress, caring for skin and teeth, and being social.

Exercising with your spouse might add up to less movement

A 2023 study suggests that older adults who exercise with their spouses might be less physically active than those who exercise on their own.

Can berberine help me lose weight?

The demand for semaglutide (Wegovy, Ozempic) and similar weight-loss drugs has renewed interest in the dietary supplement berberine. Some people say berberine suppresses appetite and promotes weight loss, but no rigorous evidence supports that claim.

Caregiving crisis

Nearly three-quarters of caregivers are 50 or older, and more than 75% are women. Research has linked caregiving to many physical and mental effects, including depression, anxiety, pain, and heart disease. Many caregivers don't attend to their own health and may avoid or skip medical appointments. To address these burdens, caregivers can look into respite care, call their local Agency on Aging, ask for help from friends, and schedule telehealth visits with doctors or therapists.

What's the difference between age spots and sun spots?

People often confuse age spots with sun spots, which can develop into skin cancer. Age spots are flat, but sun spots (known medically as actinic keratoses) often feel rough and scaly. People should seek a doctor's evaluation if they develop sun spots.

Combining electronic cigarettes and counseling helps more smokers quit

Smokers were more successful at quitting when they used both electronic cigarettes and smoking-cessation counseling rather than only relying on counseling, according to a 2024 study.

Caring for your kidneys

The No. 1 health problem for the kidneys is chronic kidney disease (CKD), an irreversible decline in kidney function. People often don't notice any signs of trouble with their kidneys until chronic kidney disease has already occurred. People at high risk for CKD should have annual tests of kidney function. Adopting certain habits can help protect the kidneys, such as limiting alcohol intake, not smoking, staying hydrated, and not overusing over-the-counter pain medications.

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