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Why are my heels cracked?

Cracks in the heels occur when the skin on the bottom of the heel becomes hard and parched. Applying thick moisturizers often helps. If it doesn't, other causes may include athlete's foot, hypothyroidism, Sjogren's syndrome, or bone spurs in the heels.

Veins are a key player in the body: Here's why

Thousands of miles of veins throughout the body bring blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen and nutrients, and get rid of carbon dioxide before returning to the heart to be pumped out again. How do veins work, what problems can occur, and how can you keep these vital blood vessels healthy?

Cellulitis: How long does it take to heal on legs?

Cellulitis, a skin infection that often occurs on the lower leg, develops when bacteria enter the body through a cut, bite, or other wound. A new study shows key aspects of healing typically occur within 10 days of treatment, but symptoms can linger for some time after that.

Check out your skin

People should do a full-body skin check-up every three to six months to identify abnormalities that may be early signs of skin cancer or other skin problems. Write down the date of the self-exams, record any issues like new or questionable moles, sores, painful or itchy spots, raised or firm bumps, dark flaky patches, and unusual freckles. Include the exact locations of these skin issues and take photos for reference. After six to eight weeks, see a dermatologist if they have not improved, have changed color or size, have become painful, or easily bleed.

Why do I have white spots on my nails?

White spots on fingernails are common and have many possible causes. These include minor trauma to the fingers, wearing nail polish for prolonged periods, fungal infections, low iron levels, kidney disease, or liver cirrhosis.

Which skin creams are most effective for eczema?

A common form of eczema called atopic dermatitis can interfere with daily activities. There are a number of prescription creams available to ease this chronic skin condition, but some are more effective than others, and a recent study compared them.

The bumpy truth

Skin lumps or bumps occur on or just under the skin. Most are harmless. Aside from basal and squamous cell skin cancers, most other skin lumps are epidermal cysts or lipomas. Other growths include cherry angiomas, dermatofibromas, keloids, and very rarely cancerous tumors called sarcomas. People should seek medical attention for any lump appearing near lymph nodes, which sometimes signals cancer. A doctor should also evaluate growths that grow quickly, bleed, look infected, or feel painful. Most skin lumps or bumps don't need treatment.

Dealing with thick, discolored toenails

Nail fungal infections affect up to 14% of the adult population. While completely curing these infections is difficult, the right treatments can discourage the problem from spreading and make your nails look better.

Heat rash: How to spot it and what to do

Lingering heat waves have brought warnings about recognizing and preventing heat-related illnesses. Heat rash, while not dangerous itself, can signal heat exposure that may lead to more serious conditions. Here's how to avoid and treat it.

Leprosy in Florida: How worried should we be?

News coverage of a case of leprosy in central Florida may have made it seem like there is an increased threat the disease would spread. Misconceptions about this disease have persisted for a long time, but the facts are reassuring.

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