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Curcumin for arthritis: Does it really work?

While there are many available treatments for osteoarthritis, none provide a cure or are predictably effective for all. A study suggests curcumin, a naturally occurring substance found in the spice turmeric, may help ease pain from osteoarthritis of the knee––but does it?

Drug therapy needs time to treat heart-related chest pain

Chest pain with exertion affects about one-quarter of people with stable coronary artery disease. A 2021 study found that these individuals can often eliminate their symptoms by following conservative drug therapy, without needing a stent or bypass surgery.

What to do about rotator cuff tendinitis

Rotator cuff tendinits is the most common shoulder injury. The best course of treatment is to rest, apply ice, take ibuprofen, and do stretching and strengthening exercises.

"Pandemic posture" hurting your back? You can fix it!

"Pandemic posture" refers to poor posture from slouching at a desk or on a couch during time at home during the pandemic, and it can result in back or neck pain. To reduce pain, doctors recommend exercising every day; working with a physical therapist to learn the right way to sit up straight and how to strengthen the muscles that support the posture; using a chair with cushioning for the buttocks and support for the lower back; using a footrest; keeping a computer monitor at eye level; and using an ergonomically designed mouse and wrist pad.

Pain, anxiety, and depression

Pain, anxiety, and depression often coincide because the parts of the brain and nervous system that handle sensations and touch interact with those that regulate emotions and stress.

Take control of your knee pain

Regular exercise and stretching can reduce knee pain related to some common conditions. Exercises that strengthen muscle groups in the upper and lower legs, hips, and core can help them better support the knee and improve movement. Strength-building exercises should be done at least two days a week, and stretches should be performed daily.

Vitamin D deficiency might affect recovery from knee surgery

A study published online May 5, 2021, in the journal Menopause found that women with a vitamin D deficiency experienced a more painful recovery from knee surgery than women with normal levels of the vitamin.

Right-sizing opioid prescriptions after surgery

It's common for doctors to prescribe opioid pain medications for their patients after surgery; however, prescribing large numbers of pills increases the possibility of dependence and overdose. Writing prescriptions for smaller quantities of pills while still monitoring people's pain is one way to reduce the likelihood that a person develops a problem.

Take on chronic pain where it lives

Chronic pain conditions are common in older adults. Managing pain at home can be as important as working with a doctor. There are numerous options for at-home pain management, including online workout programs, cognitive behavioral therapy programs, online support groups, and apps. Recognizing that you can take steps to decrease chronic pain is crucial to success.

Is my kidney causing my back pain?

People commonly think back pain comes from the kidney, but it's more likely due to a muscle- or spine-related problem. When pain is related to the kidney, the pain is higher up in the back, and the symptoms are different, such as a fever and waves of intense pain rather than a steady ache.

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