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Stepping up activity if winter slowed you down

If you've been cocooning due to winter's cold, who can blame you? But lack of activity isn't good for body or mind during any season. Any day is a good day to start exercising, but if you aren't sure how to start, or if you have an obstacle to overcome, read on.

Millions rely on wheelchairs for mobility, but repair delays are hurting users

Wheelchairs allow millions of Americans with mobility disability to participate in daily activities and engage in community life. But when a wheelchair needs to be repaired, delays can mean a person is unable to leave their home or manage daily tasks for days.

Healthy feet, happy life

Healthy feet are the foundation of an active lifestyle, but many people don't give their feet proper attention. Regular foot maintenance can help prevent pain and injuries and protect against infections. Helpful steps include maintaining basic foot hygiene, performing regular foot exercises, and wearing properly fitting shoes.

Reduce your fear of falling

The fear of falling can lead to a heightened sense of caution and less physical activity—which can actually increase the risk of falling. To reduce the fear of falling, a person must address underlying conditions, such as poor eyesight or joint problems. It also helps to work with a physical therapist to improve balance, gait (walking pattern), muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion. When physical therapy ends, one must continue doing strength, stretching, and balance exercises at home in order to keep fear at bay and reduce fall risk.

Poor housing harms health in American Indian and Alaska Native communities

In American Indian and Alaska Native tribal communities, poor housing conditions have led to high rates of health problems and disability, underscoring the need for adequate, affordable housing designed for people of all ages and abilities.

Scoring highly on Alternative Healthy Eating Index lowers risk for many illnesses

Most of us know a healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease but may not know it's possible to choose a combination of foods that help lower risks for many illnesses. An index created by researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health grades food choices and it's easy to incorporate components of this into daily eating habits.

Dragging your feet? You may need to catch up on sleep

Getting adequate sleep may help improve a person’s gait, and catching up on short sleep may help people avoid walking problems usually caused by fatigue.

Watch out for these balance busters

Many factors can impair balance and lead to falls, such as vision, hearing, or joint problems; medication side effects; and environmental hazards. To improve balance and reduce the risk for falls, one can remove fall hazards from the home, treat underlying conditions that increase fall risk, consider adjusting medications that affect balance, get physical therapy, use an assistive walking device, wear supportive shoes that hold the feet in place, and frequently challenge balance with balance exercises.
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