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Can supplements improve your prostate health?

Published December 1, 2022

Over-the-counter supplements touted to support prostate health are popular, and supposedly help prevent and manage symptoms of an enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia). Some of the ingredients are said to protect against prostate cancer or slow its growth. While research has explored supplements’ role in prostate health and some had positive results, the findings are far from conclusive. A better dietary option for prostate health is to follow a plant-based diet like the Mediterranean or DASH diet.

Prostate cancer: Zapping metastatic tumors with radiation improves survival

Published November 7, 2022

When prostate cancer spreads beyond the gland, it has been treated with hormone therapy, but there are challenging side effects. A new study shows that a different treatment option involving radiation can allow some men to delay or avoid hormone therapy.

Prostate cancer: Can imaging substitute for repeat biopsies during active surveillance?

Published October 7, 2022

Men with lower-risk prostate cancer often opt for active surveillance, which involves regular testing and biopsies to check for possible tumor growth. A newer type of imaging may reduce the frequency of repeat biopsies for some men, but there are concerns about its limitations.

Leaking a little urine: It’s not just a female problem

Published October 1, 2022

Men often have a hard time coping with incontinence (urine leakage). It can leave them feeling depressed or socially isolated. Types of leakage problems in men include urge, stress, and overflow incontinence. Treatment depends on the type of incontinence a man is experiencing. For example, overflow incontinence may get better with a procedure to reduce the size of the prostate; medications, injections in the bladder muscle, and pelvic floor exercises can help with urge incontinence.

What’s the best way to test for low testosterone?

Published October 1, 2022

A blood test for total testosterone is the usual first step in men concerned about low T levels. The best time to get tested is between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Prostate cancer: Radiation therapy elevates risk for future cancers

Published September 9, 2022

A standard treatment for localized prostate cancer is radiation, but there is a risk that it can lead to secondary cancers forming in the body later. Now, a large study of men treated with current radiation delivery methods clarifies that the amount of risk is low, but real.

Should I continue to get regular PSA testing after age 70?

Published September 1, 2022

Whether or not to continue PSA testing after age 70 depends on many factors, but especially a man’s family history of prostate cancer and how comfortable he is about getting a biopsy or treatment if the test results suggest possible cancer.

Treatment for an enlarged prostate

Published September 1, 2022

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as an enlarged prostate, occurs in about 50% of men by age 60. It can lead to urination problems like a hesitant, interrupted, or weak urine stream; dribbling after urinating; a feeling that the bladder does not completely empty; and more frequent urination, especially at night. Medication and lifestyle changes are the first-line treatments, but if these don’t work, men can choose from several types of surgery or less-invasive procedures to help manage symptoms.

Medications to lower triglycerides

Published September 1, 2022

People with high triglyceride levels may be candidates for icosapent ethyl (Vascepa), a drug made from highly purified fish oil. It lowers triglycerides and, when taken with a statin, lowers the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death from cardiac causes.

Promising therapy if PSA rises after prostate cancer surgery

Published August 1, 2022

After a man has had a radical prostatectomy, sometimes the level of the antigen PSA rises again later, meaning cancer may have returned. A study found that the normal therapy given when this happens is more effective when combined with other forms of treatment.

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