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Do these activities hurt your knees?

Certain activities like running, stair climbing, or kneeling may lead to knee pain. But evidence suggests that regular activity or exercise is unlikely to cause actual knee damage. Learn how to keep active and avoid knee pain.

Time for a new knee? Ask these questions first

It's important to ask many questions before getting a knee replacement. Suggestions include asking about a surgeon's background, the type of prosthetic that will be used, the surgical approach the doctor will take, how to prepare physically before surgery, how to prepare one's home for recovery, how long the hospital stay will last, how much pain the knee replacement will cause, what rehabilitation after surgery will entail, how long recovery will last, how long it will be until one can resume activity, and how long the new knee will last.

Does running cause arthritis?

It's easy to blame running when a person who runs regularly develops arthritis. But that blame may be misguided. Here's a look at the latest research on the topic.

Exercising with a flare-up of knee arthritis

Staying active when knee osteoarthritis flares helps the joint stay flexible. But activity should be modified to take pressure off the knee. That could mean walking instead of running, or playing pickleball instead of tennis. Other activities that are easy on the joint include riding a stationary bike, using an elliptical machine, practicing yoga, swimming, walking pain-free distances on flat terrain, doing upper body strength training, or core strengthening. Warming up before activity helps to loosen stiff knee joints.

Pondering a new knee? Try this as you gear up for the decision

People with knee arthritis who don’t feel ready for joint replacement can take a number of steps as they ponder the possibility. These include getting knee injections or wearing a brace to reduce pain, modifying activities (such as exercise) that aggravate knee pain, losing weight to take pressure off the knee joint, exercising more to help with weight control, seeking physical therapy, getting underlying health conditions under control, doing research about knee replacement, and talking to an orthopedic surgeon.

Seeing a surgeon?

A pre-surgery consultation with the surgeon can feel overwhelming. Many people are anxious and have questions about what's to come. Setting the right expectations on both sides can ease anxiety and help define a successful outcome.

Physical therapy as good as surgery for healing knee meniscal tears

A 2022 study found that physical therapy works as well as surgery for degenerative meniscal tears in the knee, an injury related to tissue aging that can lead to osteoarthritis. This approach offers an alternative for people concerned about surgery's costs and possible complications.

Walking for exercise may prevent knee pain

People with knee osteoarthritis may prevent future knee pain and reduce joint damage by walking for exercise.

Injections for knee osteoarthritis might not cause damage

People with knee osteoarthritis often gain temporary pain relief from joint injections. However, there is uncertainty about long-term risks of steroid injections. A 2022 study suggests that the risk may be minimal if these injections are done infrequently.

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