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A care quarterback for older adults

Geriatricians offer health guidance and treatment to adults 65 and older. The specialty centers on health concerns increasingly common with age, including falls, hearing loss, incontinence, memory problems, and the need to juggle multiple conditions and medications. Among other goals, geriatricians aim to optimize drug dosages and prevent medication overlap or dangerous side effects. They also coordinate each patient's care with other specialists who help manage chronic conditions. Geriatrician visits are typically longer than those with general practitioners.

Getting the most from your remaining years

Following healthy habits like exercising, eating a proper diet, and being socially engaged can help people live a longer, healthier life. Still, the ultimate goal is not simply to live longer, but to enjoy life, which means placing more emphasis on quality of life. How life quality is defined can vary depending on people's goals, but it often revolves around three certain mindsets: having a sense of purpose, focusing on where one wants to devote time and energy, and enjoying the process and journey.

Hand pain from arthritis? This may help

The joint connecting the thumb and wrist is crucial in everyday activities like opening jars or grasping objects, but if osteoarthritis develops, treatment options are limited and don't always work well. A new study has demonstrated the effectiveness of occupational therapy for arthritis in this joint of the hand.

Millions rely on wheelchairs for mobility, but repair delays are hurting users

Wheelchairs allow millions of Americans with mobility disability to participate in daily activities and engage in community life. But when a wheelchair needs to be repaired, delays can mean a person is unable to leave their home or manage daily tasks for days.

A new angle on aging in place: The virtual village

A virtual village is a group of older adults who live in their own homes, near each other, and agree to help each other. They form a self-governing nonprofit organization and volunteer to provide village services such as transportation, friendly visits, errands, exercise and social events, a dedicated hotline, and referrals to vetted services and suppliers. The village won't replace an assisted living facility or nursing home, but it may help delay the transition.

Long-lasting healthy changes: Doable and worthwhile

Abundant research shows that healthy lifestyle factors protect people against serious health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and more. Even small steps toward a healthier lifestyle can make a big difference in our lives––here's practical advice for making healthy changes stick.

3 ways to build brain-boosting social connections

Most people know that as they age, they need to put effort into staying healthy by eating carefully, exercising, and getting enough sleep. But there is another element to healthy aging: keeping your mind engaged helps protect brain health, and one way to do that is by maintaining an active social life.

Grandparenting: Ready to move for family?

The desire to be closer to children and grandchildren leads many older adults to consider relocating to different parts of the country. But such a move is not possible for everyone, and not advisable for some. Before exploring relocation, take time to consider the all implications — as well as your children's feelings on the subject.

Time to hire a caregiver? 3 tips to help

If you are facing physical or cognitive challenges, hiring caregivers to come into your home can be an effective way to continue living independently. It's not always easy having new people coming into your home, but there are things you can do to adjust to the changes.

Is your vision impaired? Tips to cope

Living with low or impaired vision comes with many challenges. Accessibility features on computer hardware and software, special devices, and adaptations to your home can help make daily life easier when living with a vision impairment.

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