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Try this: Swinging with kettlebells

Kettlebell swings are a simple exercise that helps improve posture and strengthens muscle groups that often do not get enough attention, such as those in the back of the thighs, the buttocks, the hips, and the lower back.

Move of the month: Pull-down

Using stretchy bands (known as exercise bands or resistance bands) can be a good way to ease into strength training. Pull-downs target the muscles of the middle and lower back and the front of the upper arms.

Orienteering: Great exercise and better thinking skills?

The navigation sport orienteering combines map and compass reading with exercise. It's a fun way to get outside and get some exercise — and it may even help fight cognitive decline.

Move of the month: Stationary lunge

Lunges, which strengthen the entire lower body, are a good example of a functional exercise. These exercises mimic everyday actions (such as picking something up off the floor), thereby improving physical functioning throughout the day.

Try this: Take a step back

Performing reverse lunges helps develop key hip muscles for better stability and teaches how to better control backward movement and coordination.

Exercise may improve atrial fibrillation

A 2023 study found that for people with atrial fibrillation, a program of supervised and home-based exercise may reduce the severity and frequency of their symptoms.

Exercises to try in the pool right now

Exercising in a pool provides an effective workout that is easy on the joints. Exercises can be made easier if they're done in slightly deeper water, where there's more buoyancy and support. They can be made harder by moving faster and holding fingers together like paddles. When starting a water workout, experts advise taking it easy at first. People should start with easier exercises and shorter durations, or do less than they feel up to. If they're not sore the next day, they'll know they did the right amount of exercise. From there, they can gradually increase the intensity.

Power up your walking routine

Walking has long been the most popular form of aerobic exercise among American adults. Though it offers cardiovascular benefits, walking can fall short because it doesn't incorporate other body areas besides the legs. People can power up their walking regimen by using walking poles, alternating walking with high-intensity intervals or resistance exercises, or strapping on a weighted backpack. Listening to music, podcasts, or books on tape can make exercise seem easier.

Mud runs: Dirty, challenging, next-level fun

Mud runs are outdoor team events that take the form of an obstacle-course competition and promise plenty of good, clean (dirt-covered) fun for participants. Competing in a mud race is physically challenging, but can deliver many health benefits for those who  train for them.

Health warnings on exercise equipment: Should you worry?

If you work out at a gym, you may notice warnings on the exercise equipment. For most of us, these warnings should not be cause for alarm, although people with certain health conditions should be cautious about exercising.

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