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Move of the month: Side lunge with knee lift

A side lunge with a knee lift works the inner and outer thigh muscles and helps improve balance.

Try this: All aboard for paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is a popular water sport in which people stand or kneel on a "surfboard" and use a long paddle. It's a great stress buster, and it can help improve balance and strengthen key muscles, like those in the core, back, arms, and shoulders.

Rising up from a fall

Older adults need to safely be able to sit and rise from the ground whether kneeling in the garden, looking for something under the bed, or playing on the floor with the grandkids. This movement is also helpful when getting up after a fall. Three exercises that can help older adults with daily up-and-down mobility are kneel-to-stand, crawling, and sit-to-stand.

Plyometrics: Three explosive exercises even beginners can try

Plyometric training involves short, intense bursts of activity that target fast-twitch muscle fibers in the lower body that generate power for increased speed and jumping height. Doing plyometric exercises can boost strength, power, and agility.

Coping with recurring vertigo

For many people, attacks of vertigo recur periodically. The attacks are usually caused by a disorder of the balance (vestibular) system. Examples of balance disorders include benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), cervical vertigo, Meniere's disease, and vestibular migraine. Treatment for recurring vertigo involves getting the underlying cause under control; seeking physical therapy tailored to people with balance disorders; and (for people with BPPV) doing a particular maneuver to reposition loose debris in the ear canal.

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