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Every month, thousands of men who refuse to second-guess when it comes to their health, turn first to HARVARD MEN’S HEALTH WATCH.

Each issue brings pertinent, practical, and timely information that can enhance, extend, and even save your life…information that will make a difference in how you look and feel…information that adds to your confidence and happiness.

HARVARD MEN’S HEALTH WATCH is filled with advice directed to your life. You can count on our doctor to share such guidance as the best exercises for strengthening bones, boosting energy, and even restoring six-pack abs. They’ll brief you on effective new medications for shingles, pneumonia, dry AMD, and acid reflux disease.

You’ll be alerted to the latest finding in preventive strategies against the leading threats to men including heart disease and stroke. You’ll get answers to issues that cause men anxiety, from managing BPH and ED to avoiding Alzheimer’s and maintaining peak mental agility.

HARVARD MEN’S HEALTH WATCH is an investment in your most valuable—and most vulnerable—asset: your health. It is reading that will pay dividends, not just for a month, or a year, but for a lifetime.

And when you subscribe now, you’ll get the next 12 issues at our lowest price. You’ll have immediate access to our archive of back issues. And all with our 100% money-back guarantee!

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Every issue, Harvard doctors will share healthful advances and helpful strategies such as…

  • the one exercise that’s great for muscle mass and motivation

  • 4 steps that can reduce your risk of colorectal cancer

  • the 2 new medications that can slash LDL cholesterol by 60%!

  • 2 procedures to help you escape the need for glasses

  • 8 tips to get a better—and  uninterrupted—night’s sleep

  • a “sweet way” to protect your arteries and beat hypertension

  • the new blood test that may be far more accurate than the PSA

  • an emerging technique for back pain relief without medication

  • 5 preventive ways you can keep kidney stones at bay

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