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Interval Training


Interval Training

Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals in Less Time with Interval Training. Interval training can help you stay fit, strong, and healthy without spending hours at the gym. It’s one of the top workouts year after year. Interval training is the perfect workout for adults who want a faster, more effective way to stay fit and healthy. This form of exercise delivers results—sometimes even better results—in less time than traditional workouts. Adding just a few variable-intensity workouts to your regular exercise regimen can boost your fitness level faster and reverse more of the effects of aging on your body than if your entire workout is at the same intensity level.And new research shows interval training works even without the ‘high intensity’ part, and is safe, effective even for people of all ages. This new report by Harvard Medical School breaks down interval training. You will discover the many ways this customizable and highly efficient form of exercise can help you meet your fitness needs and optimize your health. You’ll get five workouts, including a warm-up and stretches. Plus, it includes critical safety info to help avoid injuries. 


Other Product Information

Harvard fitness experts present a 56-page report for anyone who wants to supercharge their health with short, effective workouts.
Based on current research and evidence this reports gives you ways to help you perform interval training safely and effectively—at any age! 
  • Targets key muscles you need to for an active lifestyle. Interval training can help maintain fast-twitch muscle fibers needed for quick bursts of activity, such as darting across the street before the light changes. In this report, you’ll get exercises to target these muscles to maintain your lifestyle and, for older folks, independence. 
  • Builds strength (even while doing cardio): Interval training can increase muscle mass in both younger and older adults. And if you gravitate more toward aerobic exercise than toward strength training, interval training may offer you a way to improve strength while doing the type of exercise you enjoy the most!
  •  Maintains muscle power: As you age, power declines at twice the rate strength does—as much as 3.5% a year for power compared with 1.5% for strength. Interval training—even cardio intervals—can accomplish the same thing, because the short bursts of high-intensity activity target the fast-twitch fibers.  
  • Plus, you get many workouts you can try to see what works for you! 
Everyone loves a shortcut, especially when it comes to getting in shape. And even though HIIT already offers a faster way to get fit, researchers have been on the hunt to see how much more they can reduce workout time without sacrificing benefits. When it comes to total high-intensity time, one minute seems to do it, according to multiple studies. The studies tested a workout consisting of three 20-second, all-out intervals, each followed by two minutes of easy recovery for a total workout time of only 10 minutes. When researchers had sedentary and overweight men and women try this three times a week for six weeks, the exercisers improved their cardiorespiratory capacity by an average of 12%, a significant improvement. They also decreased their blood pressure, and they showed increases in the number and activity of energy-producing mitochondria in muscle cells (see “Improve metabolic function,” page 13). This mini workout has also been tested against a more traditional 45-minute steady-paced cardio workout. Both groups had similar improvements in their fitness and health after 12 weeks.


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