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Full bladder wakes 2 in 3 women at night

Published: December 12, 2014
  • Author: Howard LeWine, M.D.,


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February 03, 2015

anda ingin punya badan langsing ideal…… yang cari pelangsing alami Pelangsing Terhebat, Tersehat, Tanpa Diet Ketat, ada info seputar pelangsing badan juga.

December 25, 2014

I found that if I inclined my top half of my body I slept better. But sometimes fluid pools in the soles of my feet……all comes down to much sugar and salt. I have Interstial Cystitis. Still seeking reasons for this.

December 21, 2014

I have weird problem i dont drink watter that much but i always go to bathroom its realy make me wondering about what happend in my body 🙁
kind regards

December 25, 2014

I have a PH embalance..I have to much acid at times makes me Pee…something to check into ask dr.

Anupama Rao
December 19, 2014

Many -Many thanks for your very important stuff for sound health at free of cost.

Amanda Summers
December 13, 2014

How ’bout the most obvious, cut the salt. I stopped using table salt, as well as processed foods that are loaded with salt.

I find that if I go out to dinner I hardly sleep for getting up to pee. But if I only use Himalayan rock salt (white tastes better than the black), I hardly have an issue and I drink water right up to bedtime. I am 61 years old.

Table salt is a problem of which getting up to pee is only a symptom.

Yes, it’s hard to avoid processed foods if you live in the US and have a small pension, but I live in Nepal where I have more freedom and consumer power. My friends think I’m rich. LOL. Anyone looking to get out of the rat race? Here’s one more reason. Anyone can contact me about expatriating to Nepal. I love it here.

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