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Plant-based diets are best… or are they?

Robert H. Shmerling, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Researchers analyzing stroke risk found that vegetarians were slightly more likely to have a hemorrhagic stroke, though less likely to have other types of heart disease compared to people who did not follow a plant-based diet.

Which is better for reading to your toddler: Print or ebooks?

Claire McCarthy, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

When reading to a young child, does it matter whether the book is a physical book or in some electronic form? One small study did detect a difference.

Bisexuality and health: The cost of invisibility

People who identify as bisexual represent a substantial part of the population, yet research focusing on their health lags. Which health problems are more likely to occur in people who are bisexual and what might help to counter them?

Hope and caution during infertility treatment

Ellen S. Glazer, LICSW

Guest Contributor

Managing hope is a major challenge during fertility treatment. Sometimes people wonder whether being positive or hopeful affects outcomes. Yet balancing optimism and caution isn’t simple and is for each individual to decide.

Think your child might have a disability or developmental delay? Take these steps

Claire McCarthy, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

If you think your child may have a disability or problem with development, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible. Talk to your doctor, and seek an evaluation, if needed.

Can exercise help treat anxiety?

Millions of Americans report having an anxiety disorder. Evidence shows engaging in any sort of physical activity is one of the best ways to ease symptoms of anxiety. Regular activity is best, but even a single bout can help.

Making young minds resilient to disasters

Trauma from experiencing a natural disaster can have long-term effects on the mental and physical health of children. Supportive parents, teachers, and other adults can help children build resilience.

Preventing falls in older adults: Multiple strategies are better

Brad Manor, PhD


Falls among older adults are on the rise, but most are preventable. To do this, interventions must target the multiple factors that contribute to falls, taking steps to minimize them or prevent them entirely.

Is it time to stop skimming over full-fat dairy?

For years, the conventional wisdom about dairy is that we should be eating less of it, and when we do have any it should be low-fat or fat-free. But more recent research suggests that some full-fat dairy in our diets could in fact be beneficial, though the type of dairy still matters.

Recurrent headaches in children: What to know and do

Claire McCarthy, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Most children have an occasional headache, but some children get recurrent headaches. These often run in families and may be migraine or tension headaches or might stem from other causes.