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Time to rethink the debate on PSA testing

The debate about PSA screening for prostate cancer has been going on for decades, and research has been similarly divided. For most men, the best advice is to talk with your doctor so the benefits and risks of the test are clear.

Diabetes: Adding lifestyle changes to medication can deliver a knockout punch

Plenty of research supports the common-sense notion that a healthy lifestyle can prevent or treat many diseases. A diet high in fruits, veggies, whole grains, and plant protein and low in processed carbs, added sugars, saturated fats; regular physical activity; and emotional well-being are the potent treatments that can prevent the need for or even […]

Flu shots during pregnancy

A recent small study linked the flu shot during pregnancy with an increased risk for miscarriage. However it did not establish that the flu shot causes miscarriage. Despite these results, pregnant women should be reassured that the benefits of getting a flu shot outweigh any potential risk.

4 ways to help your child get enough sleep

Claire McCarthy, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Because sleep is so crucial to children’s development, parents need to be firm about bedtimes. Making sure your child gets enough sleep means establishing a routine and sticking to it, and setting limits on certain behavior and activity.

The latest scoop on the health benefits of coffee

Robert H. Shmerling, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Coffee used to be criticized for contributing to a number of health problems, but time and research have disproved most of those beliefs. Now coffee is considered healthy, but as with so many things, moderation is important.

Leaky gut: What is it, and what does it mean for you?

Leaky gut occurs when the lining of the intestinal tract develops cracks or holes, setting the stage for tissue damage that leads to inflammation. It’s believed that this may be the cause of a number of common chronic diseases.

Men (back) at work

Matthew Solan

Executive Editor, Harvard Men's Health Watch

Because men bond through shared experiences such as work, recreating the dynamics of the workplace can help older men stay mentally sharp and socially active.

What parents should know about tattoos

Claire McCarthy, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Parents grappling with whether to allow an adolescent child to get a tattoo may find answers to some of their questions in a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Why does hair turn gray?

Robert H. Shmerling, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

It may be surprising to learn that hair does not “turn gray.” The reason for the loss of hair color is rooted in the cycle of hair growth, death, and regeneration.

A blog post on blog posts: Fact, fiction, and friction

Blogs can sometimes blend fact with opinion, so it’s important to know when a blog, even one written by a clinician, is an opinion. While clinicians operate with experience, some clinical advice can still spark healthy debate. And make sure the headlines you’re reading are not just sensationalized, which can easily happen in the non-medical media.